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Plain English Review of a Government Survey

Plain English Editing

We recently #plainenglish edited a govt. survey. “A camel,” it has been said, “is a horse designed by committee.” While we make no judgements, here at APM we struggle on hump day and can’t go three days without water. In our oasis words are simple, clear and human. Feedback / improvements always welcome.

Plain English Review of a Travel Insurance PDS

Plain English Legal Writing

While I agree #travel broadens the mind, comprehending those #insurance policies can be like walking through honey on a cold day. I was recently reading a travel PDS’ chockers with “scenic view legalese” and I couldn’t help myself. People your plane English before and after has landed! BTW this was a tough one so feedback / improvements welcomed.

Plain English Review for a Logistics Company

Plain English Editing Services

Internal policies must be 100% clear to avoid trespassing or disputes. No untangling of lawyer speak or clumsy wording. We plain English edited a suite of alcohol and drug policies for a logistics company. Our client had had a lot of issues with staff unclear on what was what. The MD called me directly –…

Plain English Review of a Suite of Government Application Forms.

Plain English Review Example

Here’s one from a recent #plainenglish review of a suite of #government application #forms. Our much-loved, long-term client was somewhat amused albeit startled such an egregious assault on #English had escaped her review for so many years. #livingintheshadows #hidinginplainsight Context alert: – subheading was “Apply online” so sentence 1 is redundant – client agreed it’s implied that incomplete applications aren’t accepted. Feedback / improvements…

Plain English Writing Training Program at the Federal Treasury

National Library

APM Principal Andrew Pegler is in Canberra doing a plain English training program for writers of explanatory memorandums at the Federal Treasury. He spent some time in the National Library last night and took this shot on leaving. Canberra has so many stunning buildings that perfectly mix function and form.

Andrew Pegler Prepared a Copy of How to Write in Plain English (With Example)

Tips how to write in Plain English

It’s the end of annual report season and we’ve been busy wrangling ropey, client-supplied copy into clarion calls worthy of a clarity colosseum. And they love us for it! Here’s one we prepared earlier.

APM Principal Andrew Pegler judged NZ’s plain English awards 2022

Groaning retail lease sample editing

APM Principal Andrew Pegler has just finished #judging NZ’s #plainenglish awards in the #legalease category. APM does a lot of legal editing. Here’s an extract from our edit of a groaning retail lease. This was definitely not drafted for the long-suffering, non-legal retailer and our enlightened client wanted to change this. #editing #writingtips #awards2022 #plainlanguage

Tone of Voice Guide for Royal Automobile Association of SA

The brief: The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA) commissioned a tone of voice guide to better reflect its transformation into a more contemporary, innovative and progressive organisation. With a more consistent and distinctive way of talking to its members, it is now easier to recognise and relate to. Copy sample: Times are changing and…