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Mark Twain put it best when penning to a friend, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

Indeed, appearances are deceptive. What feels like a simple, effective message is usually the product of long and careful plain English crafting. And that’s where we come in.

We are Australia’s leading plain English editing organisation, helping organisations communicate clear, relevant messages.

Our specialist annual report writers, editors and proofreaders follow APM’s eight rules for plain English:

1. Consider your audience

2. Keep it simple

3. If you have to look up a word’s meaning, don’t use it

4. Use the active voice

5. Don’t use jargon if there’s a plain English equivalent

6. Get your punctuation right

7. Have one idea per sentence

8. If it’s not crucial, delete it

Your Andrew Pegler Media-produced annual report will:

  • Be written in plain English by a professional annual report writer / editor
  • Be on-brand and on-message
  • Speak directly to your audience
  • Intelligently combine authority, emotion and reason
  • Be logically ordered

How we’ll project manage your annual report writing

Our first meeting will establish your needs and develop a program for delivering everything you ask for and the agreed dates.

We’ll identify who’s responsible for what and when. APM’s rigorous project management methodology keeps the project on schedule. We’re always asking, Where are we against where we should be? Charts track timeframes and deliverables – which tasks can be done concurrently and which sequentially? And we will stay as flexible as you need us to be because the only constant in life is change.

And we love going digital! This exciting medium allows for videos, interactive infographics and even animations, for more effective messaging.

Online annual reports also provide crucial analytics — from identifying the most popular pages and animations or videos viewed, to which infographics got the greatest number of clicks.

So whether you’re working in a government department, a government agency or a public company, talk to us today about how we can bring unparalleled excellence to your next annual report. For now, check out our blog Your 9 essentials for a great annual report.

Did you know we’ve also designed 250+ annual reports?

Having both the design and writing done by the one supplier means one clean point of contact and seamless communications between the writing and design elements. It results in a superior final product and cost savings. Learn more below about the advantages of having one supplier to design, write and project manage your annual report.

Read our blog 7 advantages of having one supplier to design, write and project manage your annual report. Cost savings, better efficiencies, better accountability and a quicker turn around are just the start.

Australian Super’s Report

Australian Super is Australia’s largest super fund, with approximately one in every ten Australian workers being members. Working closely with its investor relations team, APM wrote / edited Australian Super’s annual report for three consecutive years via a mix of senior management interviews, supplied information and draft content. Each report outlined the Fund’s performance during the year and how it met the challenges and opportunities presented by the domestic and global investment environment. It also covered Australian Super’s strategy, governance and financial and non-financial activities. APM’s rigorous project management methodology ensured each report project ran to schedule with very high editorial standards.

Techcombank Annual Report

Techcombank is Vietnam’s second most profitable bank and trades on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange under as TCB. APM has written five consecutive annual reports for TCB in plain English for its global investors which are then used for Vietnamese translation. For the past four years, APM has advised on the narrative and storyline. APM’s work has won TCB a number of awards including from the League of American Communications Professionals for “narrative and clarity of content”. APM writes each report using a mix of interviews with the CEO and other stakeholders and by finessing rough content written by staff for whom English is a second language. The results continue to be very well received and APM now works across other parts of the bank.

The Victorian Office of the Road Safety Camera Commissioner

APM has written and designed four annual reports for the Office of the Road Safety Camera Commissioner. We manage and plain English edit various types of supplied copy, enhancing accessibility for its diverse audience and stakeholders. For each report, we’ve focused on creating a document that accurately conveys critical road safety data and insights, not just as an information repository but also as a testament to the Office’s dedication to transparency and accountability. All this done in singular, clear and concise tone.

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA Report)

IBA is an Australian Commonwealth Government agency advancing the commercial and economic interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and guiding them towards economic self-sufficiency.

APM was commissioned to ensure IBA’s annual report copy:

  • Was in plain English
  • Maintained the agreed storyline
  • Delivered a convincing story

We understood timelines needed to be flexible and that last minute edits or additional drafts would be required, due to moving government submission deadlines. Our final copy:

  • Intelligently combined authority, emotion and reason
  • Was professionally project managed
  • Was on-brand and on-message

Medibank Report

Australian private health insurance provider Medibank, is Australia’s second largest health insurance provider.

APM was commissioned to proofread the final PDF of its report before it was printed – to make sure it was complete.

We had to check:

  • Editorial style had been maintained in the design
  • There were no widows and orphans
  • Tables were not split unnecessarily
  • All sections of the report appeared as per the original plan
  • The table of contents aligned with the document
  • All web links went where intended and worked
  • There had been no words obviously misplaced by the designer
  • Pagination, contents and numbering of tables and graphs were correct
  • Pictures were correctly placed and labelled
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation was 100% correct
  • Styles (such as italics, bold) had been correctly translated from the Word version

We also took a cursory glance at all charts and info graphics to confirm they accurately represented the statistics being highlighted.

Togethr Trustees Superannuation

APM wrote and designed all four of Togethr Trustees annual reports. Togethr is trustee for multiple profit-to-member funds, managing $26 billion for 150,000+ members. The four funds were:

  • Catholic Super

Using a mix of rough supplied information, draft content and our own research, this very complex project involved meeting the requirements of multiple style and brand guides while revealing how each fund performed over the year, its core values and future strategies. Our services included editing, writing content, independent research, streamlining proposed content and advising on the order and flow of the reports.

APM’s rigorous project management methodology ensured all four annual reports were delivered on time and on budget.

New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council

NSWALC has commissioned APM to write and design its last six annual reports.

The high level of professionalism we bring to writing, design and project management is what keeps NSWALC coming back.

Copywriting, editing and project management

APM organised the structure of the report and the information for each section to achieve a sequential flow of content. Both structural and plain-English copy editing were required on supplied text.

This included rationalising repetitive information to form section introductions and overviews while ensuring a consistent, clear voice throughout. We also created copy from primary sources and interviews, including with the Chair and the CEO.


Each year, APM’s design for NSWALC’s annual report has sought to showcase Aboriginal culture and heritage. Colour palettes, typography and design elements were chosen to reflect the Aboriginal landscape and traditions. Using elements of Aboriginal art to create graphics and icons, and sourcing appropriate stock imagery, we’ve taken the design of the report from simply meeting statutory requirements to becoming the flagship of the organisation.

Happy Clients
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Thanks for all your efforts in helping Togethr Trustees get four annual reports completed on time in a year that we all agree has been extremely challenging. I look forward to working with you and the team next year.

Five Stars

Awenna Williams, Head of Experience, Togethr Trustees

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Andrew and his team delivered the clear, streamlined annual report we wanted on time. And their flexibility and efficiency made the process run smoothly for us. A pleasure to work with!

Five Stars

Geoscape Australia

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Andrew and his team have been fantastic to work with. Responsive, professional, and able to edit and condense complex information into an accessible form - and within the deadlines every time.

Five Stars

Indigenous Business Australia

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The APM team were wholly professional and responsive. They met all deadlines and expectations for the project. APM skilfully negotiated the many challenges associated with project managing to get the best outcome for the Museum. The final result took our annual reporting to the next level. Thanks to everyone on the team!

Five Stars

Museum of Australian Democracy

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I have known of Andrew and his team's expertise as specialist legal copywriters for many years, and have been finally able them to the test. I am so very glad that I could. They quickly responded to the brief and captured my company's tone of voice so well, that there were virtually no changes needed to the copy before it was finalised. Highly recommended!

Five Stars

Andrew Spalding, Founder & Managing Director at Get There

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