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Do customers and clients get confused about what you’re trying to say and need your staff to spend valuable time explaining it?

Does your time-poor management team have to ‘translate’ poorly written or clumsily ordered emails, reports and board papers? Do team messages get ‘lost’ in rambling email chains? Are daily communications hindering growth or efficiency? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.

Since 2000, our tailored onsite, offsite or virtual, business writing courses have been showing staff Australia-wide how to write in a simple, concise, logically ordered way that suits their audience. Courses we offer include:

  • Writing better board papers
  • Report writing
  • Writing better emails, letters and other communications
  • How to write plain English
  • How to write killer blogs
  • Writing better policy documents
  • Writing Ministerials and other briefing documents

We can also tailor business writing courses just for you.

Our courses are tailor-made to your needs, just let us know what you want to achieve. But generally we’ll teach your staff:

  • How to write for time poor decision makers
  • The art of capturing the reader’s attention
  • How to write clear, concise plain English
  • How to write for different audiences
  • What to consider before you start, to guarantee the right outcome
  • How to logically structure written communications to be clear and effective
  • What the right tone is and when to use it
  • To jargon or not to jargon? That is the question…
  • Powerful writing tools and critical business-writing concepts
  • The basics of sentence length, punctuation and essential grammar
  • How to write for different mediums

General aims and benefits of our business writing courses:

  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Staff are more productive and writing concise, better structured pieces – they’re not wasting valuable time rectifying sub-standard work, or worse – making mistakes because things are unclear
  • Staff are producing clear, well-structured writing that fulfils its purpose
  • Staff are able to decide when writing is ‘fit to go’, avoiding unnecessary alterations

Our business writing courses are:

Proven to work: Our business writing courses have been improving writing since 2000. Now your staff can benefit from our experience.

Hands on: When your people come to one of our workshops, their writing confidence will grow immediately and be better from day one.

Interactive: We are highly experienced communicators. We skilfully encourage attendees to contribute, get involved and learn about new and better ways to write. Our emphasis will be on learning and then doing by completing exercises tailored to you.

Tailored: We will customise your workshop to your needs, to best reflect the everyday writing challenges staff face.

We’ve been bringing our extensive experience and qualifications in design, delivery, assessment and evaluation of adult learning programs to countless staff since 2000, so get in touch today.

Download our 8 tips for plain English.