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Andew Pegler Media Pty Ltd and your terms of use

This is a website operated by Andrew Pegler Media Pty Ltd (APM) –  www.andrewpeglermedia.com.au. These terms of use govern our information, graphics, and materials.

Links to other sites

APM’s site may link you out to other sites. We don’t endorse or approve of the operators of those sites, or their information, graphics, and material. Subject to applicable law, APM makes no warranties or representations:

  • regarding their quality, accuracy
  • that their material does not infringe intellectual property rights
  • By linking you to material on those sites, APM isn’t authorizing your reproduction of their material.
  • APM owns the copyright of the material on this site
  • You can’t reproduce, adapt, upload to a third party, link to, frame, perform in public, distribute or transmit in any form anything on this site without APM’s specific written consent


APM’s made every effort to ensure the information on our site is error-free, but we don’t warrant its accuracy or completeness.

Acceptance and changes to terms of use

  • By using APM’s site you’ve accepted these current terms of use, which replace all previous ones. 
  • APM can vary the terms of use at any time by publishing them on our site. 
  • APM reserves any rights not expressly granted in these terms of use.