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Change Is The Essence Of Capitalism

APM Essence Of Capitalism

Back in 1942, Joseph Schumpeter popularised the idea that creative destruction of economies, and/or sectors of economies, was critical to prosperity and growth. He posited that progress in a capitalist system relied on the destruction of an existing economic order to make room for the next. Capitalism was, essentially, an evolutionary process of continuous innovation….

The Wonder Down Under

With a solid banking system, good economic management, political stability, healthy public finances, an open economy situated smack in the middle of Asia’s growth path, we really are the lucky country. Just ask our top ecnocrat the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury Dr Ken Henry. The good doctor sees a very bright future…

Monash Business Review

Andrew Pegler was editor of Monash Business Review for three years, which published original research, including fully refereed academic articles, plus case studies, ideas, trends, special events and more. The journal covered business in a broad sense for an equally broad audience ranging from managers to graduates, and academics in management, corporate strategy, finance and…