A Good Plain English Edit for A Well-known University

Plain English Business Writing sample

As with a lot of text that comes to APM for a ‘clean’, template copy is usually a Frankensteinian concoction. The presenting stumble of limbs is often a mess of thumbs and toes. Disparate voices and styles siloed over years, without broader consideration. Each addition another brick in the wall of obfuscation – building silently like plaque in the arteries.
While recently editing a suite of template copy for a well-known uni, we found the doozy below. But here at APM we revel in such challenges. Another jigsaw to piece together, a puzzle to unravel. Every line an equation towards clarity and order. It’s engineering folks, but not as we know it.
Like Prometheus’ sacred fire, our wordsmiths can give reports, template tender responses, hastily cobbled web copy, boiler plate letters, etc what once belonged only to the gods: immortality.

A good plain English edit is Heracles rescuing Prometheus’ from the bird who tore out his regenerated liver every night. It liberates copy from the shackles of its creator/s.
And now here’s Tom with the weather!