Industry Sustainability Working Committee Advisory Report


DBI logoThe brief:

The Department of State Development, Business and Innovation commissioned an Industry Sustainability Working Committee to liaise with industry, research and educational organisations and provide strategic advice to the government on industry sustainability issues. APM edited the final draft for plain English and advised on structural changes to ensure that the recommendations were clearly and logically expressed.

Copy sample:

The Industry Sustainability Working Committee (ISWC) will give practical advice to business about environmental sustainability. By doing so, we will help government deliver long-term benefits to Victorian business and the economy. One of the Committee’s key messages is that sustainability needs to be a core priority for business. Sustainability is not a fad or fringe issue. It’s a way for business to lower costs and be resilient against long-term challenges like climate change and population growth.

In essence, tomorrow starts today. And we are acting now to ensure that businesses are competitive in the future.