Sustainability Victoria – Annual Report

sustainability victoriaThe Brief:

As an agency of the Victorian Government, Sustainability Victoria aims to integrate sustainability into all aspects of Victorian life. Since 2009 APM has served as Sustainability Victoria’s plain English editor across its wide range of crucial, public-facing corporate documents. Each document arrives at APM in rough draft form, to be finessed and proofread.

Copy sample:

Sustainability Victoria’s Role

We implement Victorian Government policy by working with business, government and the community to deliver tangible outcomes in carbon pollution reduction and the smarter use of resources like energy, materials and water.

Complementing other government and non-government agencies, we address areas of market gaps or failure and encourage innovation in sustainability. We’re changing Victorians behaviour with evidence, tools and incentives and partnering with governments, businesses, communities and individuals.

Our Vision

That Victorians use resources sustainably to support a thriving community and economy.

Our Purpose

We want to be a leading catalyst for Victoria’s sustainable growth and development. We bring together the knowledge and capabilities of people, organisations and communities to deliver social, economic and environmental outcomes.