Tone Of Voice And Style Guide For Telstra Digital



APM was commissioned to develop Telstra Digital’s Tone of Voice and Style Guide to complement existing tone of voice materials and provide further clarity around tone, style, grammar etc., covering general tone of voice guidelines and how to apply them to copy.

Copy sample:

We connect worlds. Our customers’ worlds. Customers are at the heart of everything we say and do. Basically they should feel that it’s all about them. When we speak to them, speak in their language and on their terms. Keep it conversational and easy to read. And avoid jargon, customers don’t think in technical terms.

Some of our technology is complicated so we can’t expect everyone to understand all of it. But we can tell them exactly how our products and services connect people to friends and families, entertain households and connect entire homes.

Better writing tips

Only write something if it benefits someone. After all, reading our content should be an uplifting experience.

Be clear and helpful. Our customers have to navigate our site by themselves, so your copy and text should guide them, as if there were an actual Telstra representative there to help.

Keep it short. Write short succinct sentences.

Write for scanners and skimmers. Break information into bitesize units, using two-sentence paragraphs introduced by frequent sub-headings (at least one per screen). Bulleted or numbered lists help customers to digest information at a glance.