Proofreading And Editing Services

APM Proofreading And Editing

Appearances are deceptive…..

What is apparently a simple and effective message is usually the product of long and careful crafting. This process is impossible without a sound grasp of language from the ground up. Our proofreading and editing services run the gamut from a proofread or a light edit to a major structural overhaul involving the complete rethink of an existing document. The end result is a leaner, cleaner and more concise communication that can be understood and acted on after one reading. Of course, our proofreading and editing services rigorously maintain your original meaning and intent, and never change facts or figures.

What’s the difference between an editing service and a proofreading service?

Many of our prospective clients aren’t sure if they need an editing service or a proofreading service. Here’s the difference. Our editing service simplifies and improves the language, expression and overall quality of the writing, word choice and sentence structure. As part of all this, we’ll also ‘proofread’ the document, i.e., eliminate grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

Professional proofreading services on the other hand are provided at the final stage of the editing process — after you’ve created your final draft — and focus on surface errors like misspellings and grammar, and of course punctuation. Whether you’ve just completed a multi-million dollar tender, prepared your annual report, finalised a new government policy or revamped a newsletter, our leading team of professional proofreading experts and professional editors will eliminate all surface errors like misspellings, grammar and punctuation, and correct verb tense and sentence structure. Using tracked changes, they will make the corrections to your copy leaving you with the option to accept or reject. They can also apply your house style guide or create one for you. Our proofreading service is less ‘hands on’ than our editing service. But professional proofreading performs the essential role of ensuring your document is error-free and consistent with house style.

Why get professional proofreading services?

Sure content is important but, like it or not, the way your document looks is directly related to how it’s judged. You’ve worked hard to develop your copy so the last thing you want is careless errors that blight all your good work. Taking care of the details creates a good impression for your audience, stakeholders, voters, shareholders and other interested parties.