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The brief:

Leading Melbourne law firm, Moores Legal, commissioned APM to write plain English web copy outlining its services and explaining its unique agreed pricing model. The copy drew on a mix of partner interviews, attendance at workshops and the finessing of supplied briefing notes.

Copy sample:

Moores Agreed Pricing

Where most firms charge by time, our approach is different. With Moores Agreed Pricing (MAP) you’ll know our fee before we begin work. No estimates. No ranges. No hourly rates.

Before we talk to you about price, we will listen carefully to you and ask the right questions to understand your needs and how we can meet them.  If together, we are satisfied that we can move you to where you want to be, we will scope the work and propose a price.  This may involve giving you some options. In other words, the price will be a function of the scope of the work and the value we anticipate creating; not the time we spend on it.

MAP involves four steps:

  1. We scope out your needs
  2. We respond with a clear statement of scope and a price
  3. If acceptable, we ask  you to sign a formal price agreement
  4. We do what we promised and seek your feedback.

Why MAP?

Frankly, we’d rather spend time helping you realise your opportunities and solve your problems than filling in time sheets. Plus, uncertainty around fees leads to unhappy clients and unhappy lawyers.