Email Direct Marketing Campaigns

APM has been writing and creating EDMs since 2005. Our many campaigns help our clients capture new leads, make more sales and add value to their brand. Our service includes:

  • Managing your email list
  • Keeping you connected with clients
  • Full reporting
  • That killer subject line

Here’s a recent sample.

The brief:

Australia’s largest specialist fixed-income company was seeking to grow its corporate bond business. We helped devised a tone and style for a series of tight and engaging EDMs that generated a high number of leads.

Copy sample:

Subject: Three corporate bond myths exposed!

As Australia’s largest specialist fixed-income company, we been offering the diversity that comes with corporate bonds to private Australian investors for more than 15 years. Over this time we’ve found some people still shy-away from corporate bonds despite the fact that they can form a crucial part of any decently balanced portfolio. Our experience tells us this reticence comes down to these three myths.

  1. They’re too expensive

No, they are not. Our corporate bonds start at $10,000 each, with a minimum up-front investment of $50,000. And transferring your cash into bonds with a tailored portfolio of five $10,000 parcels is only ever a phone call away.

  1. I’ll make more in a term deposit

No, you won’t. Bonds return more than term deposits and pay interest quarterly or half yearly, allowing you to compound your income. Our bond yields range from 5%-7% and we offer wholesale investors up to 8%! Plus, bonds provide unique protections that term deposits can’t – like 100% inflation protection.

  1. It’s all too risky because as soon as rates go up bond prices go down

Sure fixed rate bonds move in an opposite direction to interest rates but floating rate bonds don’t. Talk to us about structuring a bond portfolio with a tailored weighting of floating rate bonds to meet your needs.